Two baker brothers who owned a deli at Preller Square, approached us to design and develop a similar concept store, which could be replicated in various locations.

They acquired rental space at Mimosa Mall in Bloemfontein and that is where the first store would be. The previous tenants of the spaces acquired, which would now be merged to one space, were a bank and an optometrist outlet. The new, somewhat awkward form of the merged spaces played a critical role in the result of the final store design, bearing also the client’s brief requiring three distinct zones of the shop, namely: the deli, display and the restaurant and takeaway zone.

The solution we pursued was radial towards the interface with the mall corridor. Because of the positioning of the store, it radiating announced its presence for all walkers-by regardless of their approach into that wing of the mall, and also created an inviting atmosphere with no apparent hindrances upon entry for on-comers. As a lot of foot traffic occurs at this part of the mall, the wooden floor of the restaurant was raised slightly to create a gallery, while simultaneously creating a non-abrasive but apparent buffer between patrons and passers-by.