With the benefits of security and a tranquil setting in mind, the client acquired a site in the Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate in 2007. The panoramic views from the site were to be incorporated throughout the design of the house whilst considering climatic conditions and an existing Wild Olive tree situated in the middle of the site.

The clients are family orientated and togetherness featured prominently in the design brief. The program of the house therefore called for open plan living areas with the kitchen centrally located at the busiest intersection of the plan. The main living area is adjacent to this and features a double volume space which serves as a visual link to the more private upstairs area.

The different elements and conditions contributed to a U-shape plan, which meant that most spaces have views over the surrounding landscape.

The clients did not prescribe any specific look, but certain design criteria had to be adhered to as prescribed in Woodland Hills Design Guidelines. These include finishes, colors and roof configurations. In spite of this, the house has a unique character which is clearly distinguishable from the surrounding houses. Where possible, natural finishes had to be used which included hard peat flooring, travertine and quartz tiles.

The living spaces open up to the swimming pool and patio in such a way that the outside/inside areas are seamlessly merged. The house has two flatlets and the garages are designed in such a way that it allows for easy access to the woodwork studio. The entertainment areas are split to accommodate the vastly differing climatic conditions which the somewhat harsh Free State landscape offers.