The Klopper family wanted renovations and a redesign for their kitchen, to make it more habitable and less cluttered.

The existing in-built kitchen table divided the space and thus creating small and impractical spaces that were not contributing to a functional kitchen.

As in-built cupboards dominated the northern side of the kitchen, access to the verandah just north of the kitchen was quite limited.

To solve this non-optimal framework, the in-built kitchen cupboards and table were removed, the north-facing wall at which the cupboards were against demolished, and a wall to separate the scullery from the rest of the kitchen added, as visibility into the rest of the kitchen would be increased greatly with the design intervention.

We inserted a frameless Aluminium folding door on the northern side of the kitchen, which seams the two spaces into one. The removal of the built-in table gave leeway for a functional, linear kitchen design.