Currently, there is a huge shortage of trained people in the Architectural Profession, and a serious
shortage of skilled persons from the previously disadvantaged communities.

This shortage starts with a shortage in the categories of Draughtsmen and Technologists.

Architecture is a practical skill, to be acquired through theoretical teaching and practical training.

At ROODT* ARCHITECTS, we are doing research to determine the possibility of training professionals in
all categories of registration, through a process of theoretical short courses and office-based learning. See more on the Qualitas Career Academy’s website.

For more information in this regard, contact Madelane Gerber at the ROODT*ARCHITECTS office.






Due to the demand of pupils and students who are interested in the architectural profession

and would like to spend some time at our offices, ROODT* ARCHITECTS decided that a specific

information day would be arranged to give scholars an overview of the architectural profession.


The day is structured so that most areas of the profession are covered. The programme

will expose the learner to a career in architecture and shed some light on various aspects thereof.


The programme will entail:


  • Personal view of what an architect does


  • Architecture and Education


  • Design process and execution in practice & a quick design exercise


  • Computer Aided Design and Presentation Skills


  • On site


For more information in this regard, contact Roodt Office.

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