The University of the Free State’s Information Centre was designed with the prospect that it would be the first point of interaction for any visitor, student, or stakeholder to the university.

Situated on the Thakaneng Bridge, having entered through the Main Campus gate, on approach to the Thakaneng Bridge, the UFS Info Centre would be the first pedestrian interface that one encounters.

A radial glass facade shaded by a concrete covered walkway marks the encounter of the approacher. Clear yet meek signage, finds place on the left red mosaic-tiled wall which flanges the aforementioned glass facade. Another radial red mosaic-tiled wall continues to the right of the glass facade. Entry to the centre, finds place on either side of the red walls to the glass facaded center.

As ROODT* Architects, we sternly believe in pragmatic and aesthetically appealing design that exceeds our client’s expectations and thus, we aim to never miss a design opportunity that enhances our client’s use of their space. Hence, regarding the ‘back’ of this information centre, we saw an opportunity for the creation of outdoor seating, and we used it.