In October 2010, The Roodt Partnership was approached by the University to assist with the design of a new entrance gate to the campus of the University. The University had approached the Department of Architecture and a competition was held at 3rd year level to procure a suitable design. The chosen design was presented to The Roodt Partnership, who substantially refined and redesigned the project to render it feasible in terms of structure and functionality.

Conceptually, the design accentuates the entrance by means of a traditional beam and post structure. Furthermore, the seven academic faculties at the university are portrayed by means of coloured columns spaced at regular intervals between the entrance and the security checkpoint.

The design of the entrance consists of three diamond-shaped columns clad with mosaic in dark blue that reflects one of the corporate branding colours of the university. The gateway is completed with a “wing” constructed with a three-dimensional steel space frame clad with natural anodized aluminium panels. The area in the immediate vicinity of the gateway has also been extensively landscaped with fountains, lighting and walkways. The exit from the university has been realigned to accommodate the increased traffic flow and larger vehicles.