The Health and Wellness Centre, which pursues optimal health and wellness for the university community, approached us to design a southern façade that would announce the entrance for the centre giving it an identity in its endeavour as a centre of excellence. At that stage, the building had a bland façade, with obscure signage which always had visitors to the centre confused about the entrance into the centre and passers-by always passing by seemingly completely unaware of the existence of the centre, in which so much investment had been put in, in terms of its interior.

Our intervention resulted in a modular, glazed glass frame second-skin, connected with spider clamps and fixed with a printed perforated film, that can be changed periodically. Apart from the physical limits of such perforated film, it serves as a changeable billboard which can be used to convey different aspects of the wellness centre.

The rhythms of the existing, modernist building were picked up at irregular intervals with the steel frame.

Variations in the modular façade add an animated and playful element, that emphasizes the expression of relevance and an en vogue orientation that the wellness centre aspires to convey.