The Wesleyan School building is probably the last remaining Waaihoek structure. It is also now known to be the founding venue of the ANC and therefore joins the number of important historical sites in Mangaung.

The design parameters and criteria for the rehabilitation of the Wesleyan School and the addition of a Visitor’s Centre are considered to be the following:

• The site is of historical importance, and construction and activities date back more than 100 years.

• The project is to conform to contemporary building standards.

• The design criteria are based on the architect’s experience as a heritage consultant, the research that was undertaken, as well as on the experience gained from visiting a number of prominent heritage sites in Gauteng.

• Some of these criteria inter alia are:

– The original structures should be respected in all interventions and authenticity be retained where feasible. The school is cruciform in plan and consists of one space.

– New construction work should not imitate the original structure and should also not compete with the original building in terms of scale, finish, proximity and visual impact.

The rehabilitation of the school will include the replacement of the original windows and openings, the facebrick façade on the north and east elevation of the building, the replacement of the roof, as well as a number of lesser interventions.

The approach to the rehabilitation of the building is based on research and is set out in the conservation report prepared by Roodt* Architects (June 2012).