We are interested in the principles that underlie great architecture – ancient, classical and modern. As architects in Africa, however, our architecture and urban design seek to reflect this heritage. We respect the architectural traditions of South Africa, both imported and indigenous.

We believe that our architecture should allow and encourage people to attach meaning to their spaces.  Our wish is that they would inhabit architectural dwellings with delight and be able to freely exercise choice in doing so.

Architecture has a responsibility to the city, the landscape and the earth. We thoroughly consider the site and its context. We want our buildings to be good neighbours and well-behaved in the open countryside. Sometimes, though, buildings need to be boisterous.

We are convinced that architecture is not only the reserve of rare and special buildings, but serves the everyday and everyman equally. Therefore architecture must offer value and be affordable. In our practice we lavish the same attention on small projects as on large commissions.

ROODTARCHITECTS has extensive experience of a wide range of projects and constantly strives to offer services of distinction and architecture that delivers on our promise.


ROODTARCHITECTS was founded sixty years ago, on the 2nd of May 1952. Its founder was Professor Leon Roodt (1924 -1995) PhD, who was also the head of the Department of Architecture at the University of the Free State from 1970 to 1985. He was an architect and a town planner.

Anton Roodt became managing principal in 1995 and Madelane Gerber became a partner in 2009. 

Leon Roodt served in the Allied Forces as an aircraft mechanic during WWII and became interested in architecture during his enforced stay in Italy. His interest in architectural history evolved over the years and today heritage consulting services remain an important part of the firm’s commissions.

The practice has strong ties with the Department of Architecture at the University of the Free State and many of its current staff complement of 20 hold post-graduate degrees or are involved in continuing studies. Staff members also teach at the University on a part-time basis.

Urban Planning is an integral part of our activities, and recently environmental management has also become part of the firm’s portfolio of services. The latter is being expanded at present to include membership of the Green Council. And rightly so, as thirty years ago Anton Roodt investigated alternative sources of energy in his undergraduate thesis.

The practice is located on the northern edge of the city of Bloemfonteinon a 7ha smallholding that was once part of the farm Tempe. During the Anglo Boer South African War, 20 000 horses were kept here at a remount station. The locale of the studios and offices is a modernist farmhouse. The practice moved here in 2000 after it was comprehensively renovated.

Although a growing number of awards have been conferred upon the firm since 2000, we ultimately set greater store by what our clients say.

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